Bellingham Coffee Shop

Who We Are:

The Woods Coffee was established in 2002 by the Herman family of Lynden, Washington. With a dream of starting a chain of coffee shops, the Herman family pooled their talents and resources to create the first coffee shop on Bender Rd. in Lynden. After six months, they opened their second coffee shop, also in Lynden. Since then, they have continued on a steady growth pattern throughout the area. We currently have ten Bellingham Coffee Shops, three Lynden Coffee Shops, one Blaine Coffee Shop, one Ferndale Coffee Shop, and two Skagit County Coffee Shops.

The commitment to excellence by a well-trained staff has been a vital part of what is achieved each day at The Woods Coffee. All staff is asked to go beyond the ordinary and excel in the opportunities placed before them each and every day. The Herman family is committed to the growth of each staff member both professionally and personally. With that in mind, the Herman family is committed to investing in each and every person who works at The Woods Coffee knowing that everything rides on how their staff treats each customer.

Ultimately, the success of The Woods Coffee rests on the ability to please each customer who either walks in or drives thru. It is our belief that each staff member has the ability to influence each customer in a positive way. In some cases even changing a customer’s entire outlook on the day ahead.

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