Barista Certification



According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America, Americans drink more than 300 million cups of coffee a day, and more than 20 million people globally are employed in the coffee industry.

The bad news? Few of the talented baristas around the world will be able to make it to the annual event.

The good news? Some of the most talented, specialty trained baristas in the country are right in Bellingham.

Most people think it is easy to whip up an espresso drink. Many novice baristas do it every day. But few get the advanced training that every single barista at The Woods Coffee goes through before they start serving to the public. There is more to it than pressing a button. They learn how to pull a shot. They know that the weather and humidity makes a difference in the success of a shot. And water should only be in contact with grounds a specific amount of time. They also know that you don’t just heat some milk and pour to make a latte.The Barista Training program at The Woods Coffee  is an ongoing process. Each Barista goes through an extensive
training program, then they go back for refresher courses along the way. It is a profession and continuing education is important.

That is why many of our baristas have advanced, and received the title of “International Academy of Specialty Coffee’s Certified Barista” at Coffee Fest in Seattle. Baristas at The Woods Coffee go the extra mile for every customer, like they are competing in the World Barista Championships.

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