Bellingham Coffee Shop | Compost-A-Cup Image


Here at The Woods Coffee we are fully committed to reducing waste and minimizing our impact upon the environment. Because we fill over 100,000 cups with coffee each month, we have traded in our old cups for all new compostable drink ware. All of our iced drink cups are now made of biopolymer plants domestically grown in the United States that are both 100% recyclable and compostable. In order to call out a constant reminder of this, we have branded the name Compost-a-Cup. Compost-a-Cup allows you to always know that after you have enjoyed your coffee, your cup can be placed in a composting unit located in any of our nine locations (At this time some stores may not be completely outfitted with composting centers.) See the green band and remember to help the Woods Coffee care for our environment.

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