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 Woods Now Roasting Its Own Coffee  In-house roasting means fresher coffee for Woods customers
Bellingham, WA—May 29, 2014—The Woods Coffee today announced that all of its 14 Whatcom County locations, in Western Washington, are now serving its own in-house roasted coffee. The company began roasting its own coffee at its headquarters in Lynden, WA at the end of last year. Woods recently produced a brief, two-minute video to introduce this latest development:
“This is one of the biggest things we’ve done in our 12 years of business,” said Wes Herman, Woods Coffee owner. “Roasting all of our own coffee is something we have always wanted to do. Now we can finally say we are, and we are thrilled.”
Woods added a roaster to its headquarters in Lynden in December. The company also hired a full time head roaster to make sure the end result was up to the company’s standards before introducing its new in-house roasted coffee into stores. Each of Woods’ Whatcom County locations now receives its coffee from its Lynden roasting facility, delivered fresh daily.
Formerly, Woods worked with roasting companies in Seattle, which delivered coffee beans according to Woods’ specifications. With it’s own roasting facilities, the company now has even greater control over the final result of every batch of coffee, and each cup of coffee can be served at peak freshness.
“Our goal is to deliver the best quality coffee to each guest we serve,” said Herman. “The only way to do that is to source the highest quality beans and roast our coffee fresh every day right here in Whatcom County.”
The first cup of Woods roasted coffee was sold in January. The response was positive.
“We waited to announce our new coffee roasting until now, but we heard back from our guests who noticed the change almost immediately. The response was very good,” said Herman. “Our guests have already appreciated the improvement.”
The company is now selling whole-bean bags of its in-house roasted coffee at each of its Whatcom County locations. As part of the company’s roasting launch, customers who purchase a bag of Woods’ in-house roasted coffee beans from May 31 to June 30 at any Whatcom County Woods location will receive a second bag free.
Woods’ first release of in-house roasted whole-bean coffee includes their new and improved signature Woods Blend, Brown Bear, Swiss Water Decaf, Espresso Blend, and Viking Blend. One dollar of every bag of Woods’ Viking Blend (Fair Trade) bag sold goes directly to support Western Washington University scholarships.
In addition to roasting all the coffee it serves, Woods has plans to use its Lynden facilities to educate Whatcom County residents about the coffee roasting process. Woods recently built a state-of-the art cupping lab to assist in coffee testing.
“Our cupping lab allows us to roast small batches of coffee from various sources on our sample roaster,” said Herman. “This is a critical step in making sure that what is being sold is how we expect it to be.”
The Woods cupping lab has a full coffee bar for training staff and testing new products and equipment. Woods sees an opportunity to use its cupping lab for events in the future.
For more information on The Woods Coffee, check out the company’s Facebook page, or call 360.933.1855.
About The Woods Coffee
The Woods Coffee was established in 2002 by the Herman family of Lynden, Washington. With a dream of starting a chain of coffee shops, the Herman family pooled their talents and resources to create their first Woods Coffee shop. Today, 12 years later, the company has a total of 14 locations in the Pacific Northwest; offers its own line of fresh, in-house baked goods; and exclusive compost-a-cup brand of compostable cups. In addition, the company uses sustainable design and building practices, achieving LEED® certification where possible.


The Woods Coffee Hires New Creative Director Recent WWU grad, Lacey Nagel, to take on creative duties

Bellingham, WA — August 15, 2013 — The Woods Coffee today announced Lacey Nagel as its new Creative Director. In this role, Lacey will manage all company marketing, promotion and social media efforts, as well as serve as the lead graphic designer.

“Lacey is a well-rounded, dynamic person with a variety of skills to offer,” said Kelly Spiker, director of operations for Woods Coffee. “She is creative, organized, and she has a keen eye for detail. She’s also fun to work with. She will be a great fit.”

Lacey Nagel recently graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Graphic Design. Originally from Montana, Lacey moved to Washington for college, where she has lived since.

“I’m passionate about making things that are both practical and beautiful,” said Nagel. “I admire and enjoy what Woods does, and I’m excited to bring my passion and experience to the company’s vision.”

Previously, Nagel worked as a graphic designer for the Publicity Center of the Associated Students of Western Washington University. Prior to university, she worked as a graphic designer with MidRivers Communications for two years, where she created advertisements, managed the website, and helped create newsletters for clients in eastern and central Montana. Nagel also owns and runs her own bow tie business, Charles Street Bow Tie Company.

“We were looking for someone who not only understands our company history and brand, but who can carry our vision forward in a fresh, dynamic way,” said Spiker. “We were very excited to find all of these attributes in Lacey, a Northwest gal and a WWU graduate.”

The Woods Coffee currently has more than 150 employees across its 14 Whatcom County retail locations, bakery and offices, in Lynden.

The Woods Coffee & Whatcom County Dairy Women Team Up for Northwest Washington Fair Woods baking and delivering 28,000 cookies for famous Moo-wiches

Bellingham, WA — July 24, 2013 — The Woods Coffee today announced its partnership with Whatcom County Dairy Women (WCDW) to produce a favorite dairy treat for this year’s Northwest Washington Fair. Woods’ bakery will deliver 28,000 freshly baked cookies for WCDW Moo-wiches, to be served at this year’s Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden.

“It is with great pleasure that the Whatcom County Dairy Women partner with Woods Coffee on this Northwest Washington Fair icon, the Moo-wich,” said Debbie VanderVeen, dairy farmer and member spokesperson of Whatcom County Dairy Women. “It was evident from the beginning of our taste, crumble, freeze, and recipe trials that Whatcom County Dairy Women and Woods Coffee think alike—we both want to serve our customers all natural ingredients, including real butter, and to provide a delicious, handmade cookie.”

A welcome treat on a hot day for fairgoers, the legendary Moo-wich features a thick slab of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two over-sized, homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Dairy farmer Cheryl DeHaan of Lynden is credited with thinking up the “Moo-wich” name, which was selected at a meeting around the kitchen table of Everson dairy farmer Pauline VanWeerdhuizen, in 1980. The Moo-wich name became a registered trademark licensed to Whatcom County Dairy Women in 2007.

The Whatcom County Dairy Women sold 700 Moowhiches for 50 cents in 1980. By 1999, they made and sold 3,800 Moo-wiches for $3.50 each. This year, the WCDW will make 14,000 Moo-wiches during two, four-hour shifts of about 75 people, and sell them for $4 a piece.

Edaleen was awarded the honor of providing the ice cream for this year’s Moo-wiches. It will take 1,400 half gallons of vanilla ice cream to make enough of the famous ice cream treats for this year’s fairgoers.

This year’s partnership grew out of Woods’ and Whatcom County Dairy Women’s common commitment to using locally produced products.

“Our economy is strongest when local businesses partner together to provide goods and services to our consumers,” said Kim Vlas, Whatcom County Dairy Women President and dairy farmer.

The cookies used in this year’s Moo-wiches are a new recipe created especially for the WCDW by The Woods Coffee’s bakery, and are found only at the Fair.

“We’re excited to work with WCDW to deliver a delicious cookie that will compliment the ice cream in the famous Moo-wich,” said Wes Herman, owner of Woods Coffee. “The Woods bakery has fine-tuned a unique recipe, using only all natural ingredients, that is reserved for cookies found only in the Moo-wich. Our family loves the Fair, and the Moo-wich is easily one of ouravorite parts of the Fair experience.”

Fairgoers can find the Moo-wich at any of the Whatcom County Dairy Women’s booths at this year’s Northwest Washington Fair, which will take place from August 12 to 17.

For more information on the Whatcom County Dairy Women, visit the organization’s Facebook page.

About The Woods Coffee

The Woods Coffee was established in 2002 by the Herman family of Lynden, Washington. With a dream of starting a chain of coffee shops, the Herman family pooled their talents and resources to create their first Woods Coffee shop. Today, 10 years later, the company has a total of 12 locations in the Pacific Northwest, and Woods offers its own line of in-house baked goods. For more information on The Woods Coffee, please visit, or call 360.933.1855.

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